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The Tastes of Vanillas


An article on the different tastes of vanilla according to their users. Specifically how the French, Italian, and British like their vanillas.

You have all probably heard of, tasted, used and seen vanillas before, whether it was in a form of a finished baked good, a liquid extract or as a vanilla pod itself. We can go into the whole definition and history of vanillas but today, let us talk about something else that has many of us wondering what the difference is.

Vanillas are somewhat like chocolates and coffee. The tastes of the vanilla beans would differ along with its different origins. However, when it comes to the people that use and declare that vanillas of a certain sort is the best, it is all up to each and every one of our personal preferences.

The French, Italian, and the British methods of showcasing the flavours of vanilla are the most popular despite their variations on the characteristics of vanilla.

The French pastries and desserts showcases the earthier bean note that brings out the raw natural taste of vanilla, and the natural tastes of the vanilla bean.

The British, however have a more soothing and classic take on food. They prefer to showcase the creamy and smooth vanilla notes.

Lastly, the Italians, with a balanced take on food has choose the path in between. Their food and dishes showcases a balance between the raw vanilla bean note that the French like and the smooth, refined creaminess that the British prefers.

For us here at Baking Blocks, we are a fan of all of them. Depending on how suitable a certain taste is to the dish in hand of course.

What’s your favourite vanilla characters?

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