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The story behind the Holiday Gift


Holiday season is here and the Christmas cheer is in the air!

For our inaugural post on Baking Blocks’ article section, I thought I would share a little bit of the story behind our Holiday gift set – our Peppermint Hot Chocolate Drink.

To my sister and me, Christmas is not complete until we had our share of peppermint bark chocolates, one of our favourites. The refreshing mint flavour and warm chocolate, nothing quite says Christmas like mint and chocolate. So when we were brain storming for ideas on what we should do for Christmas this year, Amanda thought, if we could create a hot chocolate drink, paired with a peppermint option, it would be great! The idea went from there to what we have to present to you all today.

First, we had to create a hot chocolate drink that to us, felt like we were drinking liquid chocolate. We wanted a rich chocolate-ty drink that was very creamy and wasn’t too sweet. More towards how dark chocolate would taste like rather than milk or white chocolate. We’re super happy and pleased with what we have to offer today. The recommended recipe on the jar says to add 2 tablespoons (which is how we like to make it), but you can add however much you like from 1 tablespoon onwards, just adjust it to your liking! The hot chocolate powder is versatile as well, we have friends who even add it to their coffee! So do play around with it :) we would love to see how you use it.

The peppermint took us longer to get as we wanted something to compliment really well with the hot chocolate drink. We fell in love with the set when finally got to the right peppermint intensity that paired so well with the chocolate drink.

Apart from that, a lot of gift packages really inspired us to want to translate that for our own gift set so this set would also come with a personalized greetings card where you can input your own holiday greetings to the person you’re gifting it to.

With all these elements we hope to bring you your very own winter wonderland in your own home!

(Winter wonderland was also the theme for our photoshoot for the xmas sets ;))

Our Peppermint Hot Chocolate Set:

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas,


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