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The One About The Nut Pastes

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My sister and I have always gravitated towards natural products as we believe that food in its most natural state tastes the best. It has the true character, flavour and fragrance of its natural ingredient.

With that in mind, we wanted to create a range of nut pastes that is extremely versatile and usable while it still maintains its natural and original taste. Most importantly, it’s healthy.

Starting with 3 different nuts (Almond, Pistachio and Hazelnut) which each has its own character and taste profile. We roasted each of the nuts to its optimal to release its natural flavours, and crushed them much finer and smoother so that the taste profile of each individual nut stands out the best.

Each nut pastes are all 100% pure, without anything added. Making them very versatile in whatever you would like to use them for. And of course, very healthy. (maybe we’ll post another article on the health benefits on our nut pastes soon.)

There are many different ways you can use these nuts pastes. You can use them as a spread for your toast, cakes, or cookies. As a drizzle or topping for your oats and yoghurts. The best way would be to use them in your baking. Pistachio mousse cakes, hazelnut frosting, almond cream fillings. The sky is the limit!

Let us know in what ways do you use it; we’d love to try it out! So far we’ve baked it, ate it by itself as a spoonful, spread it on our breakfast toast, drizzled it on our cookies, made them into frostings, and had them with our yoghurts, etc! And they are all delicious!

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Other than our 3 pure nut pastes which are unsweetened, we also carry our Hazelnut Praline Paste which has been a crowd pleaser so far. It is still a healthy all natural option that is slightly sweetened (not too much though!), perfect for your day to day use. (Haha, we’ve heard from quite a number of people that it reminds them of Ferrero Rocher! We think so too, but you be the judge for yourself ;) )


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