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Single Origin Chocolates


For all you coffee fans out there, you would probably know that the origins of the different coffee beans play a big part in how your cuppa tastes. It’s taste profile, the aroma, acidity, the fruitiness, the list goes on~ but what not as many people know is that, the same concept applies to cocoa beans and their end product: your favourite chocolates as well!

Your normal chocolates are made using a combination of cocoa beans from different origins, giving each specific chocolate/ chocolate brand their individual unique taste profiles. (Of course every chocolate maker would have their own recipe that makes their chocolates unique apart from their cocoa bean origins as well).

A single origins chocolate however, is made using only cocoa beans from a specific place. Similar to the concept of coffee beans, every cocoa bean’s origins, it’s crops, & environment reflects the character and taste of the final cocoa bean. Each of their individual unique profiles and aromas are built from the different factors that makes up it’s environment, from the soil in which they grow, to the flowers that surround them, to even the various fruits and herbs that are unique to each of their origins.

For example, our best seller among our single origin chocolate range, originating from Ghana, the world’s leading contributor and producer for cocoa beans, Our Ghana Single Origin Chocolate is rich in cocoa while possessing a delicate bitterness with a slight acidity, it has a fruity aftertaste. As compared to our Madagascan Single Origin Chocolates which is delicate yet impactful in taste. Its flavour can be identified through the tropical fruity notes with a slight woody and aromatic tinge. You can tell how different and unique each chocolate is due to their different origins and environments.

p.s. we would definitely be adding more info on our single origin chocolates, with regards to their taste profile in the time to come! So keep an eye out for them!


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