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Gianduja “zahn-du-yah”


Gianduja, as complicated as it sounds, is really something that is very delicious and easy to use.

It is a form of chocolate nut paste that contains a 30% nut content, and is more commonly found to be in hazelnut flavour. In Baking Blocks’ case, we have it in both hazelnut and almond flavour. However, despite it being called a paste, they are a slightly tougher texture as compared to our range of nut pastes.

How do you use it in baking? It is commonly used in baking by melting it down and making it into fillings, frostings, flavouring creams, or even just leaving it in cubes and coating it with chocolate to make chocolate pralines.
Here’s where the interesting part comes, you can even eat it by itself in the original form that we pack it in! Like the photo below, you can basically just eat it as if it was a dessert by itself or give it as a gift in its original form!

It normally comes in either large blocks or tubs, but well.. being a chocolate lover myself I couldn’t let you guys miss out on being able to try out these awesome cubes of nutty chocolate, so we made it into edible bite sizes which makes it directly consumable while it is still able to be melted down or used for baking as well.


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